Uniball One Gel Pens (0.38mm) - 8 Color Set

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The Uniball One Gel Pen has a special formulated pigment ink which features large pigment particles that stay on the surface of the page rather than getting absorbed into it. This means your writing will have a rich deep color and won't bleed through the page! The ink also dries very quickly and is very smear resistant. Their black ink has the World Record for darkest black gel ink! These are a must for students, journalers, and planners. 

This set includes 8 Uniball Gel Pens in Black, Blue, Light Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Pink, and Dark Blue Inks. Refills are also available here! 

"I'm left handed and find these very nice to use! Also take a look at the Uniball One F and P which feature metal stabilized tips for even smoother writing." - Finn :)