Uni-ball One Gel Pen - Night Cafe Series Individuals (0.38mm and 0.5mm)

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 The Uniball One ink fromula is water based and packed with pigment for darker and crisper text. Imagine spending the evening eating at a cozy cafe. The colors of the gel pens in this particular set range from dark to faint. The 0.38mm tip is very fine and is a popular choice for journalers!  These are also a 0.5mm tip which is a bit smoother to write with and brings out more color.



Made in: Japan

Manufacturer: Uniball


🥛 Milk Tea

🍒 Cherry Puree

🌰 Pistachio Cream

🍨 BlackBerry Sorbet

🍫 Ganache 

☕ Chai Latte