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The TWSBI ECO has paved its way as one of the most cost effective fountain pens on the market. Loved by pen enthusiasts and beginners alike! This pen features a smooth steel nib with excellent ink flow, a piston filling mechanism, and an incredibly air-tight cap seal. This pen is the perfect everyday writer. The cap can post onto the back of the pen for extra length while writing. The piston filling mechanism holds about 1.8ml of ink which is over double what most standard cartridge converter pens hold. This pen can not take cartridges and requires and ink to be used (sold separately). 

Hi I'm Finn!  I have previously worked full time at a fountain pen store for three years. I have a huge variety of fountain pens from $3 to $600. My favorite pens to use on a daily bases is the TWSBI ECO. Every time they come out with a new color I get one. They are like potato chips once you get one, you'll crave more. You can leave them on your desk for months unused and it will write perfectly and not dry out. They leave a precise, yet wet line which brings out so much color in your inks. I love using my ECO's for my shading, light colored, and specialty inks. They are made of a crystal-like heat treated polycarbonate body which is super hard to scratch. This material is so hard and the sound the cap makes when you close the pen is truly ASMR worthy. TWSBI offers excellent customer support if you ever have any issues and I can not recommend them enough (if you can't tell already lol). 

Please note: Ink is NOT included! Make sure to purchase a Bottle of Ink, or Ink Sample while you are here. You can use any brand of ink as long as it is fountain pen friendly (all of our inks are fountain pen friendly). 

To fill the pen:
Simply unscrew the cap, dip the nib completely into ink, screw then end cap to move the piston down and back up, wipe away any excess ink off the nib and grip with a paper towel, and your done! Ready to write!!

Here is a quick guide for selecting the perfect nib size for you! ~

If you write pretty small, or are used to using 0.38mm or 0.5mm gel pens go with an Extra Fine
For the normal writer (writing in lined notebooks),  Fine is the most popular.
If you tend to lean on a bigger font, Medium will be perfect. You still can write in a standard lined notebook with this nib size.
Broad is for making a statement. Great for signing a check, or writing a header. Specialty light inks, shading inks, and shimmer inks work really well with this nib size as well. 
Stub nibs are italic in writing style (have a special card or invitation to write?). This nib size will give your writing a gothic chiseled look. It also will require a bit more focus to use, and you have to pay attention to the angle you are holding the pen at. The tip of the nib is flat rather than a ball shape. A great way to get into calligraphy as this stub nib is very very beginner friendly.