Shachihata Mini Ink Pads (Waterproof) - Traditional Japanese Colors

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The famous Shachihata Oil-based Pigment Ink Pads now have a mini version! This 29 color series is based on traditional Japanese colors. This special ink formula shows up brighter and crisper on the page than other brands of ink pads. 

This mini size pad tends to be actually easier for most people to use! Hold your stamp with the rubber side up and dab this stamp repeatedly until you evenly coat the rubber stamper. Since these mini pads are more firm you are less likely to sink too deep into the pad causing unwanted ink around the edge stamp! 


-Ink pad size 1" by 1"

-Waterproof oil-based ink

-Can be stacked for easy storage

-Available in 29 colors (we are currently out of Black and Sand)