Sanby x Eric Small Things Wax Seal Kit - Notebook

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This high quality wax seal set comes with everything you need. This is perfect for beginners and stationery enthusiasts. This particular design features a notebook and pencil, along with the greeting, "hello".

The set contains a high quality metal seal, wooden handle, heating spoon, candle, and a decorative glass jar containing about 30 wax pills. The wax pills are gold, silver, and blue with a subtle shimmer that adds a lot of dimension to your seal. Use the colors separately or combine them to your liking!

You can also purchase other metal seals to use with this handle. 

Each seal uses about 3-4 pills depending on the size you would like. You can make seals on parchment paper and remelt the wax over and over again! 

Warning: Be careful anytime you use a candle, do not leave unattended. Do not hold spoon too closely to the candle or the handle itself will get too hot to hold. It doesn't take a lot of heat to melt the wax, let time do most of the work. 


Made in: Japan

Manufacturer: Sanby x Eric Small Things

Stamp size: 25mm diameter circle