Sailor Yurameku Fountain Pen Ink (20ml) - New 2023 Colors!

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The Yurameku Ink line by Sailor mysteriously shows glimpses of different colors as it shades and streaks across your page.  "Yurameku" roughly translates to either shimmering or to waver. This is the perfect name to describe the experience of writing with this ink. This ink doesn't have one exact color, but the packaging gives you a good sense of the primary base color you will see. The color changes depending mainly by the length of time on the page and the paper you use. 

These inks come in a small square glass bottle which holds 20ml of ink.

Note: This ink will vary quite a bit in color depending on the pen, nib size, and paper you use! Swatches will give a good look, but your results can be different depending on these variables. That's what makes these inks so fun!

Available in 5 colors!

-Hana Gokoro

-Suki Gokoro

-Date Gokoro

-Kokora Guma

-Zare Gokoro