Sailor Hocoro Dip Pen and "Dipton" Ink (10ml) Set - Dark Cave (Sheen)

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This line features special sheening inks which reflect light similarly to a sword. A total of 3 colors in the original launch, each is named according to the essence of the inks base color and sheen. 

The ink line's name "Dipton" is a combination of the English word "dip" and Japanese "ton(トン)" which is an onomatopoeia for the sound a glass nib makes when it lightly taps the edge of a glass ink bottle to drip off excess ink. 

This set is perfect for beginners and experienced users alike!

Note: This ink is made for dip pens only, it won't work in a fountain pen because there is too much sheen (which makes it look amazing though!). Sheen inks also take a little longer to dry than regular inks and can slightly smear based on what paper is used. 

This set includes:

-Dip Pen with special clear sparkly body and Fude Nib

-10ml bottle of ink

-Gift box with instructions