Sailor "Dipton" Shimmering Dip Pen Ink (20mL) - Ice Dance

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This line of inks contain a stunning iridescent glitter that exudes a diverse range of colors and shine. A total of 3 colors in the original launch, each is named according to the essence of the range of colors and shine given off by the iridescent glitter it contains. A different iridescent glitter is used for each color.

The ink line's name "Dipton" is a combination of the English word "dip" and Japanese "ton(トン)" which is an onomatopoeia for the sound a glass nib makes when it lightly taps the edge of a glass ink bottle to drip off excess ink. 

Note: This Pen is made for dip pens only, it won't work in a fountain pen because there is too much shimmer. (which makes it look amazing though!)


-Bottle contains 20mL of ink.

-Dip pen ink

-Available in 3 colors

-Available in a special dip pen set