Sailor 1911 Profit Junior Fountain Pen Set - Tamandua (Anteater)

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This well priced set will only be available while supplies last! The Profit Junior fountain pen is a Japan exclusive pen by Sailor. It has a transparent body with a repeating white anteater pattern. The set also comes with an exclusive grey accented converter that you can not get anywhere else. The cherry on top is the pen is paired with Sailor's Studio Ink in the color 223. This ink is a deep and saturated bluish grey color. It ties together so well with the pen and has the cutest special anteater label.

Set Includes:

-Profit Junior Fountain Pen (Medium-Fine Steel Nib)

-Special Grey Accented Converter

-10ml Bottle of Sailor Studio Ink #223 (Deep Cool Grey Color)

-Gift Box and Instructions