Furukawashiko Retro Matchbox Themed Memo Notes - Pigeon Restaurant

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As featured on Buzzfeed, these adorable mini memo notes are sure to spark joy!

They come packaged as if they are a box of matches and are great for making lists or sending quick notes to friends. The boxes are silk screen printed which enhances the retro look. Inside these boxes are 35 small sheets of Furukawashiko's historic Japanese washi paper. Six different designs to collect!  

Note: These are not real matches, its stationery.  \(◕ܫ◕✿)/



-Memo Sheets:  63 x 45 mm
-One Box:  73 x 53 x 19  mm

Made in: Japan

Manufacturer: Furukawashiko

Amount: Each box comes with approximately 35 memo sheets