Raymay LED Animal Book Light - Bear

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A cute animal version of the classic LED book light, a bendable body allows you to create your favorite poses by bending its arms and legs! Each battery (one included) provides 72 hours of continuous lighting time. In addition to a book light for reading, it can be used as a table light, card stand, glasses stand, smartphone stand, pocket light, and many other applications.

The mouth is a switch, so you can turn the LED light on/off by pressing the mouth.
The LED lights in both eyes provide a gentle light that excludes blue light, which can cause eye fatigue, and provide a good illumination. Battery replacement is easy and requires no tools such as a screwdriver. The light unit case can be opened and closed by hand.

- 67 mm (width) X 124 mm (height) X 10 mm (depth)
- Materials: ABS, polycarbonate, silicon, metal
One CR2032 battery is included. (This battery may not be as full as a fresh battery.)