Quirky Japanese Sticky Notes - Snack Signboard

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These sticky notes are designed to remind you of the holidays and help you to relax while working or studying. Quality paper works well with pens and pencils! Tear away a sheet and stick them on a surface or use them as tabs in your notebooks. They come adhered to a thematic backing paper, but you can remove each pad if you choose to.  Designs comes with two to six die cut sticky pads. Each pad come with around 20 to 30 sheets. 

Public Bathhouse - 2 Sticky Pads

Burger - 5 Sticky Pads

Snack Signboard - 3 Sticky Pads

Museum of Fine Arts - 3 Sticky Pads

Ramen Noodle Shop - 2 Sticky Pads

Fruit Sandwich - 6 Sticky Pads