MU Print-On Transfer Sticker Sheet - No. 050 Fern Forest

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MU Print-On Stickers (also known as Rub-On, or Transfer Stickers) transfer directly onto the page to look as if they were printed/stamped on! They can be used on various papers, wood, glass, and other smooth surfaces. These stickers can be overlayed to create your own scenes and designs. Loved by journal and planner enthusiasts because they will not add thickness to your notebooks!

To use, first cut out the desired sticker you would like to transfer. Note, you do not have to be precise, just to separate the sticker from the entire sheet. Next, pull off the back paper, and position it onto the surface you wish to print on. Then use a hard edge such as the MU Wooden Transfer Stick, to scratch the design into your surface. Lastly, remove the plastic sheet to see your fresh print! 


-Each pack contains two different sticker sheets

-Sticker sheet measures 3.9in (10cm) x 5.9in (15cm)

-Stickers have no borders

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