Marché Paper Bag Mini Stationery Set - Donut and Flour

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This letter set is designed to look like the stylish paper bags you might get at a Marché market overseas. The paper bags of these imaginary stores will make your heart flutter! Each set comes with 6 letterhead sheets, and 4 envelopes (2 of each design)

The letterhead is simple graph paper, so feel free to write or draw on it. Once folded in half it fits perfectly insides the envelopes. The small envelopes can be used like a pot-bag to hold various things in addition to the letter paper such stickers, pressed flowers, small charms, and trinkets. 

Each Set Includes:

6 sheets of Letterhead measuring 105mm x 126mm (4.1in x 4.96in)

4 Envelopes (2 Coffee, 2 Bread) : 68mm x 108mm (2.7in x 4.25in)