Kokuyo Mirikeshi Star Multi-width Eraser

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Developed in collaboration with designer Yuji Baba. The eraser has 5 eraser widths, allowing you to erase without erasing the characters on the line above or below according to the width of the ruled lines in the notebook.

This eraser is covered by sharp edges so you always can erase exactly what you intend. The numbers indicating the eraser width goes all the way through so it does not disappear even if the eraser is reduced. Uses environmentally friendly non-phthalate plasticizers. Available in 1 long eraser of 2 mini erasers! 

Eraser widths:
6mm for A ruled notebooks
5mm for B ruled notebooks
4mm for C ruled and  for 5mm square notebooks
3mm for notebooks and small letters, and
Arrow for fine details.


Made in: Japan
Manufacturer: Kokuyo