Mofu²-Gara Masking / Washi Tape (Yellow Label) - Kodomo No Kao

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This Mofu²-Gara Washi features awesome cloud patterns, with textures like dots and lines reminiscent of a cartoon or manga. Mofu-mofu (モフモフ) is an onomatopoeia used to describe fluffy things. In this case, they are describing the fluffy clouds! ☁️

Washi tapes are great for decorating your journal or planner to add a touch of color when scrapbooking and decorating. They are made out of traditional Japanese paper that can be used on almost any surface, including paper, plastic, glass, wood, and metal, and they can be torn, repositioned, removed, colored, and written on. 

Please note: You are purchasing the washi tape shown in the first photo ("Yellow Label"), but if you're interested in the other designs you can find them in our store. It is available in three separate colors (Yellow Label, Monochrome/Grey, and Green Label)