Kamio Japanese Art History Zipper Storage Pouches - Sitting Dog

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This dog is actually a small detail on a much larger work of art. His charming looks know how to pull focus. His image has been used as a mascot for many Japanese Museums and merchandise collected by art history enthusiasts. 

This zippered pouch can be used as a pencil case or storing stationery and other small supplies. 

About the Art:

The screens are the work of Japanese artist Rosetsu Nagasawa who lived from 1754 to 1799 during the Edo period. Titled  “Hakuzou Kokugyu-zu Byoubu” (Folding Screen with Image of White Elephant and Black Bull), the screens are believed to have been completed in the latter half of the 1790’s, and each screen is 155.3cm (5ft 1in)  x 359.0cm (11ft 9in) in size.