Furukawashiko Die-Cut Stationery Set - Cookie Gift Box

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A mini letter set that lets you experience the excitement of opening a box of sweets.
It is designed to write a message when the lid is opened.
Furukawashiko paid attention to not only the delicious-looking sweets inside, but also the design of the box! When open the message is revealed. When folded in half it appears as a closed box. How fun is that?!

About the "Otome Time" series:

"A series of paper items that expresses the excitement of a girl looking at the sweets in the basement of a department store. There are lots of paper items such as die-cut memos that look like real sweets and gift mini letters that look like sweets jewelry boxes! This is a series that will tickle your heart just by looking at it." - Furukawashiko



Made in: Japan

Manufacturer: Furukawashiko

Amount: 8 sheets of stationery, 4 sheets of envelopes


Letter paper (opened): 113 x 143 mm

Envelope: 120 x 82 mm