Furukawashiko Die-Cut Stationery Set - Citrus Tea Time

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A die-cut mini letter set with realistic illustrations that will make you feel like tea time.
Since it is a little smaller, it not only adds a touch of emotion to a gift, but also works well as a notebook decoration. It comes with a cut-and-use address sheet, so you can make cute arrangements out of plain envelopes!

6 sheets of stationery (3 patterns assorted), 3 envelopes,
stationery 88 x 67 mm/81 x 58 mm/65 x 84 mm, envelope 142 x 92 mm

About the "Otome Time" series:

"A series of paper items that expresses the excitement of a girl looking at the sweets in the basement of a department store. There are lots of paper items such as die-cut memos that look like real sweets and gift mini letters that look like sweets jewelry boxes! This is a series that will tickle your heart just by looking at it." - Furukawashiko