Cohaco Neo Magnetic Closing Pencil Case - Light Blue

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A hidden magnet makes it easy to open and close even with one hand. The lid opens wide for easy viewing and removal of contents. This large capacity pen case can hold approximately 25 pens with a 12mm shaft diameter or 30 pens with a 10mm shaft diameter. A mesh pocket with a rubberized opening on the inside allows for separate storage of sticky notes, erasers, and other items. This can also be used as a smartphone stand by placing it inside the pen case. Available in 5 colors!

"I like this pencil case because it acts like a pen tray when open and everything is in sight. If my pencil case has too many pockets I forget what's in there! This case is best suited for many gel pens and mildliners." ~ Finn


-Width 205mm x Height 48mm x Depth 93mm

Note: This listing is just the pencil case itself and does not come filled.