BGM Washi Tape - Lace Strawberry Sweets (20mm)

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Super cute Japanese strawberry roll cakes and desserts are featured on this washi tape! This design would be perfect for an adorable cafe themed spread or kawaii journal entry.

Washi tapes can be used to decorate your planner or bullet journal, DIY and craft  projects, or even for scrapbooking. They can even be used to decorate cards or stationery sets.

BGM is a Japanese brand based out of Tokyo, known for their quality paper stickers and tapes. They aim to bring a little joy to everyone's daily life through their vibrant and detailed designs. Their range of Washi Tapes are great for planners, decorations, and craft projects. 


Made in: Japan

Manufacturer: BGM

Tape Width: 20mm

Tape Length: 5mm

Material: Washi Paper

Additional Features: Gold Foil Accents