Beverly Planner Companion Stamp Set - Stationery

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For a cute focal point in your calendar, or decoration for your notebook these thematic rubber stamps are a must have! This set features cute stationery items such as envelopes, washi tape, fountain pens, notebooks, ink bottles, pencils, pins, and clips.

Each stamp face measures 7 x 7mm which is perfect to use in tight spaces. Each set comes in a compact storage case. Available in 8 designs! 

To use, lightly press the stamp into an ink pad of your choice (not included). We suggest our Shachihata Water Proof Stamp Pads! Then push the stamp onto your page. If you would like, afterwards you can wash the stamp with soap and water. 



Made in: Japan

Manufacturer: Beverly


  • Stamp Face: 7x7 mm
  • Storage Case: W43mm x H33mm x D44mm