Sailor Yurameku second edition swatches and comparison

Sailor Yurameku Ink 2nd Edition Swatches, Comparison and Quick Review!

The first edition of the Sailor Yurameku quickly became a fan favorite in the fountain pen community. They are primarily popular with younger audiences as the colors were all very muted and light. My personal favorite was Seki which appears as a Millenial Pink on many papers. Not everyone enjoyed how light these colors were though. As you will see the second edition of these inks are much darker. 

Before we get to the swatches, what does Yurameku mean? 

 "Yurameku" roughly translates to either shimmering or to waver. This is the perfect name to describe the experience of writing with this ink. Its not shimmering in the sense of a glitter or sheening ink. This ink doesn't have one exact color it wavers between multiple colors, but the packaging gives you a good sense of the primary base color you will see. The color changes depending mainly by the length of time on the page and the paper you use. For example the ink will look blue wet, but will dry to either be green or brown depending on the paper you use. How wild! 

 Sailor Yurameku Second Edition Zare Gokoro SwatchSailor Yurameku Second Edition HANA Gokoro swatchSailor Yurameku Second Edition Suki Gokoro SwatchSailor Yurameku Second Edition  Date Gokoro SwatchSailor Yurameku Second Edition  Kokoro Guma Swatch

Sailor Yurameku Second Edition swatches and comparison
These inks feel really nice and lubricated to write with. Very rich in color and definitely dark enough to read easily even in extra fine nibs. These inks are much more similar to each other than the first editions. I will definitely be investigating the qualities of these inks more, but I hope this helps you choose which one is best for you! 


This is my first ink review so I hope to improve with my future reviews. Thanks for reading, xoxo Finn °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)

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