Meet Mizzy

Meet Mizzy

Have you seen this moth?

A photo of Mizzy smiling smugly

Perhaps you've seen Mizzy before—in our posts or in your dreams. This cute character is a rosy maple poodle moth with big aspirations and an ever bigger personality!


You won’t find a moment that this moth isn’t moving. Outgoing, witty, and zippy—she's definitely the life of the party.


One thing about Mizzy: she loves a light snack! Some of her favorites are strawberry pocky, mochi, and, of course, light bulbs. If you’re looking for this goofy gal, you can usually find her out shopping at the mall or hanging out with her best friend Saiko.

A photo of Mizzy trying out a Shikiori pen!


This moth loves dancing, karaoke, My Melody, vtubers, and fashion, but she hates reading, meet & greets, or untidy spaces. Dirty rooms are such a buzzkill!


Mizzy’s dream is that she wants to be the most famous idol in the world! 


Will you help her achieve her goal?


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