Introducing: Saiko’s Sloth! (And Our Brand New Logos)

Introducing: Saiko’s Sloth! (And Our Brand New Logos)

Have you been introduced to Mr. Sloth? Get ready to see a lot more of him!

Our store mascot is cozy, lazy, and a little bit crazy. Since we love him so much, we have decided to integrate him into our new brand identity. Keep reading on to learn more about this cute little guy and how we’re revamping our site in 2024.

Similar to many other small businesses, we experienced a bit of “growing pain” in our first year of operation – it turns out there is a lot to be done! As much as we would have loved our site to always have self-created assets, we wanted to partner with a talented graphic designer who had the skills to bring our vision to life.

Our mascot, Mr. Sloth, is often mistaken for a bear because of what appears to be little “ears” on his head, but don’t be fooled! While they may look like ears or horns from the front, these little loops are actually hairbows. Why a sloth needs a bow, though, we’ll never know.

Mr. Sloth sleeping on the ground in an open field
Luckily, our dedicated designer, Gogon, doesn’t mind the ambiguity!

You may recognize their iconic style if you are a Vtuber fan; they have created logos for many Hololive creators, such as Gawr Gura, Mori Calliope, and Ceres Fauna. As such, they were a perfect choice for our Vtuber-owned stationery brand. You can see more of his work here.
We’re proud to share with you our new logo and brand identity, featuring our adorable little mascot. As expected, our talented designer created something unforgettable, cute, and cozy. 💖✨ 

A photo of Saiko Stationery's new logos, in color.
A photo of Saiko Stationery's new logos, in grey.
We hope you love our new brand identity as much as we do! \(≧▽≦)/

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